My story: Okay, so I’ve lost 15 lbs over the course of 30 days and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad my friend recommended this natural cleanse. I will be updating my followers on my progress along the way! #transformationtuesday

i wanna try this!!!

seriously so proud of you bby keep up the good work! :) 

I’ve been on this cleanse for 3 days so far, let’s see if I get any results.
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text posts are like children
you delete the ones that dont succeed


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my life is a vicious cycle of trying to get my shit together but failing

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good vibes here!
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i just don’t understand how Blood On The Dance Floor could possibly save someone’s life?

"oh yeah like one time they inspired me to loose my virginity and it was my first time fucking this girl and the song sexting taught me where to put my 2 inch peter and how to please my dinosaur loving scene girlfriend it was great time i tell you, she let out a loud rawr"

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has a muslim man ever played abraham lincoln

has an aboriginal woman ever played elizabeth I

has a black man ever played george washington

has a turkish woman ever played eleanor of aquitaine


then why the fuck would you get the whitest white men to play Ramesses II and Moses

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gonna frame this and put it on my wall lol

YES TYLER! let ‘em know

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Anonymous said: What youtubers do you guys watch (if you watch any)?
I replied:


vlogbrothers (that includes hanks channel and almost all of their other channels), jacksgap, shaycarls and charles trippies vlogs, jacksfilms and game grumps are probably the ones we watch the most. OH and wheezywaiter c:

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